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The Value of Outdoor Awnings

For the all-season camper, outdoor awnings are extremely useful. During summer, the extra shade provided by an awning is very helpful in keeping you cool and reducing sunburn. With temperatures on the rise, managing the heat on your campsite is critical for your health.

Awnings can also protect you, your fellow campers, or sensitive gear from snow and rain. The advantage of vehicle-mounted awnings, compared to a standalone tent or canopy, is their open, legless nature. You have much more flexibility in movement underneath, as well as the position of any gear. Best of all, many outdoor awnings can be opened and locked in place in less than 30 seconds, compared to tedious, wind-sensitive canopies.

At HST Global, we provide some of the finest outdoor awnings on the market today. As with all our other camping gear, we pride ourselves on the quality of the product and our customer service. Please browse our online shop, and let us know if you have any questions.

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