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Overland Camping Gear
Outdoor Storage Bags

Essential Overland Camping Gear

There’s nothing quite like overland camping. You have nothing to depend on but the gear you bring with you, you make unforgettable memories, and you get an incredible sense of independence and adventure from your journey.

Many people are intimidated by the prospect of their first overland camping trip, however, and understandably so. Going out unprepared is sure to provoke frustration and can even be quite dangerous. With the right attitude and the right gear, though, you’ll be overlanding like a pro in no time. Make sure you’ve thought about the following before you head out:

-Sleeping bags: Sleeping bags are an essential piece of overland camping gear, as they provide warmth and comfort when sleeping outdoors. Be sure to select sleeping bags that are appropriate for the season and climate in which you will be camping.

-Camping stove: A camping stove is a necessity if you plan on heating or cooking meals while camping. There are many different types of camping stoves available, so be sure to select one that is appropriate for the size of your family and the type of food you plan on cooking. If you really want to retain access to good food even in the wilderness, consider investing in a mini kitchen or portable cooking table and basin.

-A 12v cooler: Unless you want to stick strictly to nonperishable food and foragables, a powered cooler is a must-have. It’ll give you a lot of more meal options and help keep your spirits up during any tough moments of the trip.

-Outdoor storage bags: Outdoor storage bags are essential for keeping food and gear well-organized and protected from the elements. Be sure to select bags that are durable and water-resistant.

-First aid kit: A first aid kit is a must-have for any camping trip, as it can be used in case of minor injuries or illnesses. Be sure to pack a comprehensive first aid kit that includes bandages, disinfectant, pain relief medication, and other necessary items.

-Your vehicle and your tent: These are actually two of the most important considerations when planning your overland trip. We don’t have quite enough space to cover them here, but make sure you can rely on your vehicle to get through dirt roads and set up a tent that’ll keep you sheltered.

Here at HST Global, we stock all your essential overland camping gear. Check out our online shop for mini kitchens, outdoor storage bags, and more.

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