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Rooftop Tents For Sale
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Why More and More Campers Are Choosing
Rooftop Tents From Their Camping Shop

Traditional ground tents are starting to face stiff competition from rooftop tents, and there are good reasons why. If you’re unfamiliar with rooftop tents, it’s all in the name- these shelters set up directly on your vehicle roof or roof rack. Rooftop tents have been around for some time, but new innovations have sent avid campers to search for them at their favorite camping shop.

One major advantage of rooftop tents is their ease of setup at the campsite. Most of the work is done ahead of time, when you attach the tent to your vehicle. Once you arrive at your destination, pop-up rooftop tents can go up in less than a minute. Even the more complex fold-out rooftop tents require much less time than a ground tent.

Rooftop tents are, of course, also excellent at protecting you from the elements. By sleeping
elevated off the ground, mud, rain, and snow are no longer nearly as concerning or uncomfortable. It’s also an extra obstacle for any animals that might otherwise disrupt your rest.

Ground tents still definitely have their advantages. For example, large groups of campers will need a ground tent to fit in, as even the largest fold-out rooftop tents typically only bed 4 people at most. Ground tents are also more portable, making them essential for backcountry camping.
Still, in many cases rooftop tents are the more appealing option.

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